Main features of TodoX:

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Every task has the following properties:

  • Text: the only required field. If text contains a url starting with https:// it will be transformed into a clickable link:

    Task with embedded url

  • Priority: any of the following – the highest, high, no priority (default), low, the lowest identified by corresponding icons:

    Task priorities

    The priority by design does not impose any specific meaning. It serves only for filtering and sorting tasks (higher priority tasks will be higher by default).

  • Project: task can be a part of a project, more on projects below. If a task is without a project, it will be shown in the Inbox.

  • Date: a task may have a date, i.e. a deadline. All tasks with dates earlier than today are displayed in the Overdue section.

  • Repetition: you can make any task repeating. The following options are available for repeating tasks:

    • every Nth day: 1 or 3
    • given days of a week, e.g.: Mon / Wed / Fri or Sat / Sun
    • given days of a month: 4 or 1, 15

    Improved repetition settings modal filter

    Starting from the date of the given task the system will choose the next closest option. For monthly repeats: if there is no such day in a month, the last day of the month will be used, i.e. 30 will amount to February 28 in a non-leap year.

  • Time records: all time recorded for this task. You can open the list by clicking on total task time when the timer is not running.

    Task time records

    Sum of their durations is displayed on the Task Card as the total task time, rounded up to the nearest minute:

    Task card

    More on time tracking below.

  • Notes: every task has a place for text notes. Images and other file types are not supported yet.


Tasks can be organized into projects, which in turn can be a part of a higher-level project.

Projects list

Creating a project

There are three ways to create a project:

  1. From the Projects page (see the screenshot above).

  2. From a particular project’s page:

    Improved projects page

  3. You can create a project directly from the select-a-project modal:

Pinned projects and quick access

You can pin a project to enable quick access via the pinned projects list under the main menu, available in the desktop view.


A project can be archived. This means that it will not be shown in the select-project dropdown and be default hidden in the Projects section. The project’s tasks are not affected: they can appear in search results and will pop up on the set date if it is set.

Deleting projects

You can delete a project “softly”: its tasks will move to the Inbox and sub-projects will become root projects. Please note that it cannot be undone.


You can use filters to focus only on certain tasks:

Status, priority and projects filters

Filter has three levels: status, priorities, and projects. Each next level shows only options available after applying the above level(s).

Filter remembers its state in each task list separately.

Focus mode

You can right-click to quickly focus on any status or priority. It will leave only the selected option active on the given filter’s level, resetting filters on lower levels. For example: focusing on priority ⌃ resets projects filter, filters out all other priorities, and does not affect task status filter:

Status, priority and projects filters

Right-click on projects filter resets it.

Projects filter

When you set a projects filter all its sub-projects are included automatically:

Projects filter

Smart Taskbar

You can set task’s properties – priority, date, project, and repetition – right in the Taskbar when you create it.

Rich task create

You can set task date and priority directly from the task text. Once you enter a text that the system recognizes and press a space, it will set the corresponding task parameter and remove the recognized text from the task text.

Dates recognition

The Taskbar can recognize dates written in many formats:

  • common names: today / tomorrow / tmr
  • exact date: on 2022-02-13 / on 02/13/2022 / on 13.02.2022
  • short date: on Jan 1 / on 10 Jun (if in the current year this date already passed, it will be treated as a date in the next year)
  • offset in the future: in 10 days / in 2 months / in 1 year
  • days of week this Fri / next Sun

Smart date recognition

Priority recognition

The Taskbar can infer task priority from its text:

  • !!, space + ! mean respectively the highest and second highest priority
  • from p2 to p-2 convert to the priorities from highest to lowest

Smart priority recognition

Undo automatic recognition

If recognition was not needed, just press ctrl + z (on Mac also cmd + z) to undo and this text will not be recognized again. If the corresponding task property has already been set, the recognition will not overwrite it.

Tasks lists

You can access tasks via sections (lists):

  • Inbox – includes all tasks without a project. By default all tasks start here, unless you set the project from the very beginning.

  • Today – shows tasks planned for today and allows you to move between dates.

  • Tomorrow – tasks for Tomorrow.

  • Overdue – all tasks with overdue dates.

  • History – cannot remember where you left off last time, misclicked, or not sure where you put a task? We have you covered: history view shows tasks in the order you interacted with them, be it creating, editing, or even recording time.

Order of tasks

In most tasks lists (Today, Inbox, etc.) tasks are sorted in the following order:

  • by status: active come before done

  • by priority: higher priority is on the top

  • by date: tasks with earlier dates are higher

  • task text: regular alphabetic sort. Hint: you can use special symbols in the beginning of the task text to manually order tasks (e.g. #, !).

Time tracking

In TodoX time is assigned to tasks. Each task can have any number of time records:

Task time records

You can add time to a task in three ways:

  1. Start a timer from the task card. An active timer is displayed in several places: on the task card, as a global timer at the bottom and in the favicon/page title (available in Chrome-based and Firefox browsers):

    Running task timer

  2. Add time manually from the task card: adds time record with the start time = now - given duration:

    Add time manually

  3. Add time manually with any arbitrary date and time (up to 24h per a record):

    Add time manually

Deleting recorded time

You can delete a time record from the task’s list. If you delete a task, its time records are also deleted. Please note, both actions cannot be undone.

Time analytics

You can find all statistics the Review section:

Review section

  • Recorded time chart:

    Recorded time chart

  • General stats for all time records and tasks for the period:

    General statistics

  • Recorded time by projects, taking into account their hierarchy:

    Recorded time by projects

  • Recorded time by tasks:

    Recorded time by tasks

The data on recorded time is calculated based on the dates of the time records notwithstanding tasks' dates and whether they were completed.

The background color visualizes the relative item size in comparison to each other.


In the Today view you have a customizable widgets panel. There are four types of widgets available: notes, time by projects, time by tasks, and general stats. You can have multiple copies of any widget with different names, settings, and content.

On larger screens you will see the panel directly in the Today view. On smaller screens you can access the panel via the Widgets button.


Install app on mobile or tablet

TodoX is a web-application and works in any modern web-browser and on any modern device. It is also a so-called Progressive Web App (PWA) and can be installed on most platforms, including iOS and Android.

Install TodoX on a smartphone or tablet

On most devices it can be done from the default system browser by opening app.todox.online and choosing in the menu Add to Home Screen or similar option:

Install TodoX on a smartphone or tablet

Google sign-in

You can sign in via Google or using your email and password. If the email address is the same, both options will grant you access to the same account.

Google sign in

If you signed up via Google and later want to use a password, please set a new password via restore password on the sign-in page.

Background sync

Use TodoX on multiple devices? Enjoy our background sync: changes on one device are automatically pushed to all others. If the device was not online for a long time, refreshing may take a couple of seconds.

Background sync

Keyboard shortcuts


  • enter: saves changes in most dialogs, except for editing task text and notes

  • ctrl + enter: saves changes in the task text modal and task notes

  • escape: closes most dialogs and exits the task notes editor


  • ctrl + q: open the Taskbar

  • ctrl + z / on Mac also cmd + z: undo smart recognition

  • enter: create task

  • escape:

    • When taskbar is open, in focus, and there were changes in the task, it clears it (equivalent to clicking on the clear button)

    • When taskbar is open and clear, closes the taskbar