Release history


  • Improved mobile version. Now mobile menu also has counters like in the desktop version:

    Mobile menu with counters

    Pinned projects are now also available on mobile:

    Pinned projects on mobile

  • Better usability and filters in search:

    Better usability and filters in search

  • Leveled up the Review section with a new chart for total recorded time:

    Review section with a new chart

  • Improved background sync and overall performance, especially for users with large number of tasks.


  • New customizable widgets panel on the Today view:

    There are four types of widgets available: notes, time by projects, time by tasks, and general stats. Please see details on the Features page. You can have multiple copies of any widget with different names, settings, and content.

  • Improved projects filter: now it is applied after status and before priorities filter. The projects filter counter shows the number of displayed projects.

  • Upgraded the main menu: now it is responsive on medium-sized screens. It expands on hover granting access to pinned projects.

    Status, priority and projects filters

  • Multiple smaller usability and performance improvements.


New Review section

Added a new Review section in place of the older Statistics. It allows to view aggregate data for any period of time.

  • General stats for all time records and tasks for the period:

General statistics

  • Recorded time by projects, taking into account their hierarchy:

Recorded time by projects

  • Recorded time by tasks:

Recorded time by tasks

The background color visualizes the relative item size in comparison to each other.

Improved task notes

We streamlined the task notes. Now by default they are in the viewing mode that displays the notes with styles and active links:

Tasks notes viewing mode

To edit the notes in simple and battle-tested markdown click on them:

Tasks notes edit mode

Usability improvements

  • Improved projects filter: highlighting of high-level projects and separators:

Improved projects filter

  • Streamlined the repetition settings modal: better hints, more validation on the spot and smaller usability improvements:

Improved repetition settings modal filter

Full changelog is available here.


  • Added option to create time entries for any day and of any duration (up to 24h per record):

    Add time manually

  • Now you can create project directly from the select-a-project modal:

    Create project from change-project-modal

    After the project is created, the task in question will be automatically assigned to it.

  • Added a features/help section to the web-site. You can also access it from the User Menu.


  • Added Google OAuth2 sign-up/in. Now you can log in in a couple of clicks, if you use Google email. You can use both password and third party sign-in: if the email is the same, you will log into the same account.

    Google sign in

    If you registered via Google and later want to use a password, please set a new password via restore password on the sign-in page.

  • Now the Taskbar can infer task priority from its text:

    • !!, space + ! mean respectively the highest and second highest priority
    • from p2 to p-2 convert to the priorities from highest to lowest

    Smart priority recognition

    As with dates, you can undo the recognition by pressing ctrl + z (also cmd + z). If priority has been changed, it will not be reset.

  • Streamlined and simplified tasks project filter. Among other things, selecting a project now automatically includes all sub-projects:


  • Now the Taskbar can convert dates at the text to task date. For example:

    • common names: today / tomorrow / tmr
    • exact date: on 2022-02-13 / on 02/13/2022 / on 13.02.2022
    • short date: on Jan 1 / on 10 Jun (if in the current year this date already passed, it will be treated as a date in the next year)
    • offset in the future: in 10 days / in 2 months / in 1 year
    • days of week this Fri / next Sun

    Date is recognized in the end of the task text after you press a space bar. If recognition is not desired, press ctrl + z (also cmd + z on Mac) to undo.

    Smart date recognition

  • Added hotkeys for accessing the task toolbar:

    • ctrl + q opens the toolbar
    • if the toolbar is in focus, escape the first time clears all the changes and the second time closes the toolbar
    • if the toolbar is not in focus, escape will close the panel without clearing the changes
  • Improved project page: now you can create sub-projects directly from there, and sub-projects are separated by status.

    Improved projects page

  • Added “soft” project delete: all the project’s tasks will move to the Inbox and its sub-projects will become root projects. Please note, this is irreversible.


  • Now you can set task priority, date, project, and repetition directly from the toolbar:

    Status, priority and projects filters

  • Task filters are now persistent: they will not reset if you move to another page. Tasks lists (Inbox, Today, Tomorrow, etc.) remember their own settings.


  • Task filters are now prioritized from left to right: tasks status, priority, and projects. Each level narrows down the next.

  • Right click on projects filter resets it.

  • Added focus mode for status and priority filters, available on right-click. It leaves only the selected option active on the filter’s level, resetting filters on lower levels. For example: focusing on priority ⌃ resets projects filter, filters out all other priorities, and does not affect task status filter:

    Status, priority and projects filters

  • Multiple smaller changes, including optimized and improved favicon timer:

    Status, priority and projects filters


  • Improved section Chronology: now takes into account all tasks changes, including recording time.

  • Increased performance when lists contain many tasks.

  • Added status, priority and project filters:

    Status, priority and projects filters


  • Added rich markdown editor for task notes.
  • Improved quality of search results: priority is given to active tasks.


Open beta public release.

Before: 2020-2021

Closed beta.