Philosophy of TodoX

Philosophy of TodoX

The world does not suffer from the lack of task management and productivity tools. One could even say there are too many of them. We disagree. 😃

Yet, before launching a new product, we need to determine who this product is for and where it is better than others. In other words, we need to discuss the philosophy of TodoX. A product is only as good as the philosophy behind it.

There are four aspects of a task management system: planning, assistance, collaboration, and retrospective.

Planning is what you initially get a to-do app for. Depending on the use case it can look like simple to-do lists, boards with tasks, or an enterprise-grade solution with Gantt and burndown charts, whatnot.

Assistive software makes user’s life better, and simpler. Of course, there is always some learning curve and rough edges. However, the app pays them back with quality of life features and helps users with mundane tasks: reminders, notifications, repeated tasks, automation, etc.

If you work in a team, it is vital to collaborate without too many blind spots and misunderstandings causing mistakes.

Most software focuses on these three aspects and they explain the sheer multitude of productivity tools – each one has its own spin on things.

Finally, there is retrospection – reviewing what you have done in the past and drawing conclusions from there. We see retrospection as an often neglected child of the task managing family.

Simple stats on how many tasks in a certain project is good and all. Yet, the fact that you completed 5 or 20 tasks related to a project does not show the full picture. It may have taken you a couple of hours or several weeks, 5-minute or 12-hour working days. What took the most time and why?

In more general terms, we reach goals by (1) investing enough time and effort in (2) what matters. One could spend a lot of time on what is not important, or spend not enough on what is.

It does not mean that every minute of every day must be spent productively: this is a sure way to burn out. It only means that we should spend time intentionally on what we really value, not on distractions and low-impact work. We are what we consistently do.

In TodoX we believe that deep retrospection is not possible without tracking time. Time is the ultimate currency we spend on achieving goals and what we get depends on how we allocate it. Our past experience contains a lot of lessons, that could improve our future.

That is why in TodoX tasks and time spent on them are both first-class citizens and cannot be separated from each other. We are not trying to be everything to everyone.

TodoX is for those who want to see where they are going today and will be going tomorrow with help of understanding where they went yesterday.

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