New Review section, better task notes, usability improvements

Updates in 2022-03-27 release:

New Review section

Added a new Review section in place of the older Statistics. It allows to view aggregate data for any period of time.

  • General stats for all time records and tasks for the period:

General statistics

  • Recorded time by projects, taking into account their hierarchy:

Recorded time by projects

  • Recorded time by tasks:

Recorded time by tasks

The background color visualizes the relative item size in comparison to each other.

Improved task notes

We streamlined the task notes. Now by default they are in the viewing mode that displays the notes with styles and active links:

Tasks notes viewing mode

To edit the notes in simple and battle-tested markdown click on them:

Tasks notes edit mode

Usability improvements

  • Improved projects filter: highlighting of high-level projects and separators:

Improved projects filter

  • Streamlined the repetition settings modal: better hints, more validation on the spot and smaller usability improvements:

Improved repetition settings modal filter

Full changelog is available here.