Google auth, priority recognition, improved projects filter

Updates in 2022-02-20 release:

  • Added Google OAuth2 sign-up/in. Now you can log in in a couple of clicks, if you use Google email. You can use both password and third party sign-in: if the email is the same, you will log into the same account.

    Google sign in

    If you registered via Google and later want to use a password, please set a new password via restore password on the sign-in page.

  • Now the Taskbar can infer task priority from its text:

    • !!, space + ! mean respectively the highest and second highest priority
    • from p2 to p-2 convert to the priorities from highest to lowest

    Smart priority recognition

    As with dates, you can undo the recognition by pressing ctrl + z (also cmd + z). If priority has been changed, it will not be reset.

  • Streamlined and simplified tasks project filter. Among other things, selecting a project now automatically includes all sub-projects:

Full changelog is available here.