Smart date recognition, hotkeys, improved project page, "soft" project delete

Updates in 2022-02-13 release:

  • Now the Taskbar can convert dates at the text to task date. For example:

    • common names: today / tomorrow / tmr
    • exact date: on 2022-02-13 / on 02/13/2022 / on 13.02.2022
    • short date: on Jan 1 / on 10 Jun (if in the current year this date already passed, it will be treated as a date in the next year)
    • offset in the future: in 10 days / in 2 months / in 1 year
    • days of week this Fri / next Sun

    Date is recognized in the end of the task text after you press a space bar. If recognition is not desired, press ctrl + z (also cmd + z on Mac) to undo.

    Smart date recognition

  • Added hotkeys for accessing the task toolbar:

    • ctrl + q opens the toolbar
    • if the toolbar is in focus, escape the first time clears all the changes and the second time closes the toolbar
    • if the toolbar is not in focus, escape will close the panel without clearing the changes
  • Improved project page: now you can create sub-projects directly from there, and sub-projects are separated by status.

    Improved projects page

  • Added “soft” project delete: all the project’s tasks will move to the Inbox and its sub-projects will become root projects. Please note, this is irreversible.

Full changelog is available here.