Key features


TodoX works in any modern browser


Simple and effective analytics

Simple and Fast

“Do less better” is our motto


TodoX is a Progressive Web App that can be installed as an application

Time Tracking

Merge of task management and time tracking

Background Sync

Background sync between any number of devices

Time tracking

Time tracking is a core feature in TodoX and is built into all tasks. The running timer is accessible on any page. If you use TodoX in a browser, you will also see current timer in the favicon and active task in the title.

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Simple, yet powerful analytics

Look at what you spent your time on today, this week, month or year. If it is not enough choose any arbitrary period of time. Review your time with ease.

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Smart task bar

Set task date and priority right from its text.

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Install on any modern device

TodoX is a web-application and works in a web-browser on any modern device. It is also a so-called Progressive Web App (PWA) and can be installed on most platforms, including iOS and Android.

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Background sync

Use TodoX on multiple devices? Enjoy efficient background sync: changes on one device are automatically pushed to all others.

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Smart filters

We cannot you everything at once. Use smart filters to focus on only what matters here and now.

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… and many more features

Of course, TodoX has more features: inbox, deadlines, keeping track of overdue items, regular tasks, projects, priorities, etc. More things to come!

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Ready to get started?

You can get started for free. If you have any questions please feel free to write to [email protected] in our Telegram channel or at Contact page.

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